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Roman Reenactment Groups in the
United States and Canada

So, okay.... here's what you're after. A listing of Roman reenacting units in North America. Of course, some links will be dead, that being the nature of the Internet -- please let me know about dead links so I can repair or remove them. Anyway, when looking at a unit to join, take your time, don't get "recruit-itis" and just jump! Look, learn, study, ask questions... MAKE SURE the group you join is a good match for YOU and your interests -- if not, you are only asking for an unhappy time.

On this page (down below, keep looking, you) you will find a map link to all the known LEGIO in the United States and Canada. There is a separate map for California as there are just too many groups located there to show on the main U.S. map.

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US Map showing Legios by location

Legio IX Hispana -- Virginia ChapterLegio IX Hispana -- Penna ChapterLegio III "Cyrenaica"Legio XIIII Gemina Martia VictrixLegio XII FUlimata (Quebec CityLegio XXI Rapax (Calgary)Legio XXX Ulpia VictrixRoman EmpireLegio II Augusta (Portland)GLADIATORIUM  ACADEMIALegio IX (Dothan, Alabama) URL RSNCohors III BataviaLegio XX Valeria Victrix, Coh.IILegio XIII GeminaLegio VIIII Hispana (Sydney Roman Society)Legio II AugustaLegio XI Claudia Pia FidelisLegio V MacedonicaLegio VI Victrix, Cohors SecundaLegio XIII Gemina (Omaha, Nebraska)Legio VI VictrixLegio I GermanicaLegio XXII Primigenia (Cincinati)Legio XXLegio VII Claudia Pia FidelisLegio V AlaudaeLegio I ItalicaLegio VI Ferrata Fidelas ConstansLegio IX Hispana (Texas Chapter)Cohors III Praetoria (Conway)Legio XXIV (Newtown Square)Legio XX V V Ballistaria (Minneapolis)Legio XII Fulminata (Orlando)Legio XX Valeria Victrix (Washington DC)Legio III Gallica (New Orleans)Legio IX Hispana (Arizona Chapter)Legio IX Hispana (New Mexico Chapter)Legio II Trajania (Las Vegas, NV)Legio IX Hispana (Okinawa)Legio XII COH II FvliminataLegio IX Hispana (Washington Chapter)Legio IX Hispana (Colorado Chapter)Legio IX Hispana (Nebraska Chapter)Legio IX Hispana (Nebraska Chapter)Legio IX Hispana (Colorado Chapter)Legio IX Hispana (Washington Chapter)Legio XII COH II FvliminataLegio IX Hispana (Okinawa)Legio II Trajania (Las Vegas, NV)Legio IX Hispana (New Mexico Chapter)Legio IX Hispana (Arizona Chapter)Legio III Gallica (New Orleans)Legio XX Valeria Victrix (Washington DC)Legio XII Fulminata (Orlando)Legio XX V V Ballistaria (Minneapolis)Legio XXIV (Newtown Square)Cohors III Praetoria (Conway)Legio IX Hispana (Texas Chapter)Legio VI Ferrata Fidelas ConstansLegio I ItalicaLegio V AlaudaeLegio VII Claudia Pia FidelisLegio XXLegio XXII Primigenia (Cincinati)Legio I GermanicaLegio VI VictrixLegio XIII Gemina (Omaha, Nebraska)Legio VI Victrix, Cohors SecundaLegio V MacedonicaLegio XI Claudia Pia FidelisLegio II AugustaLegio VIIII Hispana (Sydney Roman Society)Legio XIII GeminaLegio XX Valeria Victrix, Coh.IICohors III BataviaLegio IX (Dothan, Alabama) URL RSNGLADIATORIUM  ACADEMIALegio II Augusta (Portland)Roman EmpireLegio XXX Ulpia VictrixLegio XXI Rapax (Calgary)Legio XII FUlimata (Quebec City

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Legio IX Hispana (San Diego Chapter)QUEEN MEDB ENCAMPMENT, INCLegio VI Victrix (Los Angeles, CA)Gaesatae (Celtic Warriors)Legio X Fretensis (Vallejo)

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