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Great War Sutlers/Vendors

Currently, we have a really great listing of sutlers here. These businesses are the best, so please visit them and tell 'em you saw it on reenactor.Net! If you have a reenactor vendor link you want on this page, please visit our Vendor Info Page.

The Reenactor Consumer Guide, as it says on its home page:
It's a place for customers to rate their experiences with vendors servicing the WWI reenacting community. Good or bad, let's hear it. Vendor Feedback Reviews are posted only after reviewed by the webmaster. Positive reviews are posted as they are submitted, negative reviews are posted 2 weeks after submission. During this time, the vendor is sent the review in order to provide them ample time to provide us with a rebuttal. After 2 weeks if no rebuttal is received the review is posted. Vendors who do not recall the buyer are encouraged to make contact and work out the problem.
Spread the word! The RCG has not only helped WWII reenacting by spreading the word about bad vendors and experiences, but it has also really helped new vendors get discovered and their businesses grow. What it really means is that if a vendor screws someone, then it will be out there for everyone to see. And yes, vendors CAN rebut feedback. Be polite, no flames and be professional!!
Great War Militaria -- specializing in World War I

Great War Militaria is the "Grandfather of World War I reenacting." They have loads of really unique, original items and are still the best place to find those great "first person" items that really sets you apart from other "so-so" Great War impressions. Please check them out at: http://www.greatwar.com

Hessen Antique -- Hessen Antique is a small family owned business offering original militaria and museum quality reproductions for collectors and reenactors. We also provide costume and military technical support to film and theater productions. Please have a look at our products and feel free to Email us with any questions about our products or services.

Check out our new line of WWI uniforms and equipment! We carry a full line of authentic uniforms, headgear and equipment. Most models of WWI and WWII Visor Caps and Field Caps are either in stock or available. Our hats are custom made in Germany just like the originals and are the most authentic and high quality caps available.

I can attest to their superior products and customer service!! ~Marsh

Plowshare Forge -- Hand-forged, reproduction fighting knives at reasonable prices. Specializing in private purchase blades from both world wars and Confederate Bowie knives. Monthly specials and closeouts

Militaria Magazine -- One of the very best publications World-WIDE, Militaria specializes in... Militaria! Every magazine is chock full of colour photos of uniforms and kit along with with excellent high quality articles explaining everything. Militaria covers everything to do with the military and militaria during the 20th Century. NO reenactor should be without Militaria -- Get a subscription today.
* Militaria IS a French language magazine, however, I have never had any trouble with it -- especially with Alta-Vista's translation website handy at all times ;-)

Since 1999, Dutchie's Militaria has provided quality original and reproduction items for the WWI, WWII and even Cold War reenactor. We have quality items at affordable prices. We are reenactor owned and operated. Gott Mit Uns
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