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American WWII USMC Units

In World War II, the Marines played a central role in the Pacific War; the Corps expanded from two brigades to two corps with six divisions and five air wings with 132 squadrons. In addition, 20 defense battalions and a parachute battalion were set up. The battles of Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Cape Gloucester, Saipan, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa saw fierce fighting between U.S. Marines and the Imperial Japanese Army.

Philip Johnston proposed the use of Navajo the United States Marine Corps at the beginning of World War II. The idea was accepted, and the Navajo code was formally developed and modeled on the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet that uses agreed-upon English words to represent letters. For each letter in the English alphabet, the code talkers were asked to generate several nouns and sometimes verbs in Navajo using the principle of letter and word substitution. As it was determined that phonetically spelling out all military terms letter by letter into wordsówhile in combatówould be too time consuming, some terms, concepts, tactics and instruments of modern warfare were given uniquely formal descriptive nomenclatures in Navajo (the word for "potato" being used to refer to a hand grenade, or "tortoise" to a tank, for example).

Iwo Jima!During the battle of Iwo Jima, photographer Joe Rosenthal took the famous photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima of five Marines and one Navy Corpsman raising the American flag on Mt. Suribachi. Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, who had come ashore earlier that day to observe the progress of the troops, said of the flag raising on Iwo Jima, "...the raising of that flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next five hundred years." The acts of the Marines during the war added to their already significant popular reputation. The USMC War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia was dedicated in 1954. By war's end, the Corps had grown to include six divisions, five air wings, and supporting troops totaling about 485,000. Nearly 87,000 Marines were casualties during World War II (including nearly 20,000 killed). and 82 received the Medal of Honor, 2,274 Marines were POWs {2,270 by the Japanese and 4 by the Germans}; 1,756 returned to the USA. 268 known to have died and 250 known to have been captured but otherwise unaccounted for and presumed to have died.

Marine Corps Legacy Museum -- A GREAT and "must-visit" website for anyone interested in the USMC. Not only on the 'Net, but please, visit their museum -- one of the few Marine museums left in the country as most seem to have been closed. This is a private non-profit museum and they do a damn good job in what they do! Give 'em a visit!

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      2010 WWII and Veterans Weekend (Midwest - Michigan)
      The 3rd Annual WWII and Veterans Weekend in St. Clair Shores Michigan is quickly becoming the premiere event in the region. Directors Paul Palazzolo and Jose Evangelista are committed to making it the most enjoyable event reenactors will participate in. Visit website for complete details.
      We are a living history unit who portrays the common ground crews of WW2.  Every year we assist the Collings foundation with their "Bomber fantasy cam" by being the training unit to assist training the students.  We also participate with the Midland Odessa TX CAF for their annual "Airsho" and set up a flightline maintenance section.  If you have a love for WW2 aircraft and getting your hands dirty on them drop us a line.
      LCDR Hobie Saunders USN-R (North East USA)
      We are New England's U.S. Marine Corps Raiders.  We reenact the Marine Corp Raiders along with Navy Corpsmen, Naval Crew, Forward Observers of all wars and the German Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery unit MAA-266.  We do shows, reenactments and movies.  As Marine Corps, we set up a complete field HQ.  As German Coastal Artillery, we man the 88mm for the Collings Foundation event.  If you can't join us on the field then join the website just for the great pics and info.
U.S. Marine Corps Units
USMC 3rd Raider BN, CO C (USA)--Great, a Marine unit ;-) Waiting for unit info...
USMC Historical Company (USA)--Their mission is the presentation and preservation of Marine Corps history. Borrowing an educational technique first developed by the National Park Service called "living history" as a key educational tool, the USMCHC goes to great lengths to maintain the high standards set by the Marines of past eras. This pride in their work stems from a desire to honor fellow Marines of the past, and accurately pass that heritage on to Americans of today.
United States Marine Corps Historical Company (USA, EastCoast) -- The United States Marine Corps Historical Company encompasses the entire history of the U.S. Marine Corps from 1775 through the Viet Nam era and beyond. We currently have interpretive detachments portraying the company of Marines that captured John Brown in Harpers Ferry heralding the coming of the American Civil War, the Marines in France during the First World War, and Two full platoons representing the Marine Corps during the World War II era, and in the Korean War. Our ranks also include a special detachment of individuals that cover the history of the Corps through the ages for both ceremonies and educational programs. In addition to our living history interpretive personnel the Company has a contingent of "contemporary" interpreters and historians, many of whom are Marine veterans of WWII and Korea, who function in modem cloths assisting us as researchers, lecturers, tour guides, and announcers, often times literally "telling their own story" as part of our programs.

Our representations extend from the barracks to the battlefield, from the Marines with the Continental Navy to the Marines of Desert Storm. Our membership has had years of experience providing professional historical educational programming, portraying all periods of our nations' past. If you feel that we can be of service to you, or would like to know more about our organization, we encourage you to contact us.

Company K, 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment "The China Marines"(USA, MidWest) -- The China Marines is a group of like-minded historians dedicated to preserving and keeping alive the history of the USMC during the World War Two years. Our members are mainly from the Midwest and include veterans, professional historians and individuals with decades of living history experience.

Though on paper the unit designation is K/3/23 and is registered as such with the Tactical Studies Group, we remain flexible and change our unit's designation and impression to match the time period of an event-- be it early, middle, or late war.

The China Marines are not your typical WWII reenactors, nor are we a slack, 0900 to 1700 outfit. Drill, camplife, liberty, etc. are all important parts of the impression.

The United States Marine Corps Living History Unit (USA)--The USMCLHU is a nonprofit organization representing a United States Marine Corps unit during the World War Two period. What particular unit depends on the display being setup. Members of the USMCLHU devote a great deal of effort to both looking and acting like Marines. Being a Marine is more than just having a smart appearance, discipline and drill, but also knowing the equipment of a Marine and how to properly use it. Our ranks contain prior service individuals from all the branches of the military as well as civilians. The greatest compliment we could hope for is for a veteran to think that all our members, by their actions and knowledge, are Marines. Our mission is to honor the men and women of the United States Marine Corps for all the sacrifices, hardships and devotion they unselfishly gave. We strive to keep their memory alive through educational programs, living history encampments and static displays. We are not a reenactment unit, but a living history group. We attempt to educate the public with our displays. The USMCLHU researches all items contained in our displays to be as historically accurate as possible. Presently, we cover the pre-war period (1940) through the end of W.W.II, but are planning on adding displays from the World War One, Banana Wars (c1920s - 1930s), Korean War and Vietnam War era. The members of our unit strive to continuously read about the exploits of Marines during the twentieth century and share this knowledge with those we seek to educate. Enhancements to our displays are done on an ongoing basis.
USMC & USN Reenactor's Association (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, UK and USA) -- The USMC & USN Reenactor's Association is non-political nad non-profit organization created to perpetuating the history and traditions of the United States Marine Corps.

The association goals are:

  • to collect uniforms, gear, documents and other militaria, related to USMC and USN in historical period 1775-present
  • to organize reeanctors, collectors and historians meetings, which are related to above mentioned historical period
  • to cooperate with the domestic and foreigner organizations, collectors or historians with similar subject of interest
  • to create international registry of contacts among military history clubs, collectors or historians interested in traditions and history of USMC and USN.
Pacific Reenactor List -- This is a list catering to those who reenact (or wish to reenact) the Pacific Theater of Operations. This is not limited to the Allied side, but can, and should, have Japanese reenactors too.

If you are interested in the PTO, then please, by all means join the list ;-) Please, no flames or other rude beahviour -- we will boot for bad beahviour.

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