Rules for Vehicles
Rules for Vehicles

Destroying an Enemy Vehicle

Unarmored vehicles may be destroyed in the following ways:

  • By running over or passing a mine marker on a road;
  • By breaking a booby trap string (either strung across the road or attached to an obstacle);
  • By a un-lit grenade landing under, in or on top of a vehicle or a vehicle running over an un-lit grenade;
  • By a demolition charge or mortar round landing within 15 feet; or
  • By at least 10 seconds of machine-gun fire.
  • Motorcyclists may be killed by rifle and sniper fire at any time. Other vehicle drivers are vulnerable to rifle fire only when dismounted from their vehicle.

Vehicle "Hits" and "Casualties"

A vehicle may take a "hit" must either:

  • Halt and stay in place for 15 minutes with the engine off; or
  • Back-up or turn around, retreat to its starting point and return to the scenario, as if it was a "casualty."

A vehicle may be assigned a limited number of "lives" per scenario.