To contact me, Marsh Wise, the guy who made this website, e-mail me at: I have both "played" under the system and also been a Ref. I am the one who made Mark Graef stopped talking and put-up as he had been going on for years about the need for such a system. I was putting together a battle with Bob Lawrence of Großdeutschland. It was meant to be an overnight tactical and I felt this system would really enhance it. Typically, Mark was working on the system up until the battle, but... it DID work! Even Bob and some other sceptics had to admit, IT WORKED! Since that time, it has been used around the country w/ varying degrees of success--problems usually arise when people change the system or can't find Refs--ya gotta have Refs!! Anyway, if you're interested or have questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

You may also try and contact Mark Graef, the guy who originally came up with the Combat System; he is kind of hard to get ahold of so, click HERE and you will go to a page with his contact info