Eight Basic Rules for the Infantry Soldier
Eight Basic Rules for the Infantry Soldier

1. Listen to and follow your leaders. They know what needs to be done in order to achieve victory for your side.

2. Take a hit when you think you may have been hit. It is better to die and fight later than to run up penalties that hurt your side.

3. Do not yell "I got you!" or "Take a hit!." Do not argue with your opponent, or complain to the referees, if someone doesn't die like they should. The referees will watch for and penalize "bullet-proof" soldiers.

4. Respond to enemy fire as if it was real. Take cover, move away from the fire or move quickly through it. This includes machine gun, mortar and rifle fire.

5. Beware of snipers. Rifle fire at a distance may be from a sniper--aiming at you. Do not stand around or casually stroll when under any type of fire--it will cost your side a big penalty if you do.

6. Do not touch or remove mine or booby trap markers. There is a big penalty if you do. Let the sappers or Pioniers take care of them--it is their job.

7. Do not pass through minefields or remove obstacles until they have been cleared by the sappers or Pioniers. Failure to follow the above will incur a big penalty for your side, and may cause your side to lose.

8. Do not argue with, distract, contradict, hinder or threaten the referees. The referees are judges, scorekeepers and evaluators. They will be watching you, but will not say anything to you if you fail to take a hit. Referees will only step in and stop an action if they see something unsafe or if they see a combatant gain a tactical advantage by violation of rules.