Combat Points

Combat Points

Every scenario written for combat simulations will have specific objectives and actions which will score Combat Points. There are some point scoring actions which are common to all scenarios. These are listed below:

  • Up to 200 points for every vehicle destroyed
  • 50 points for every crew served weapon knocked out
  • 50 points each time a sniper is "killed"
  • 40 points each time an officer is "killed"
  • 30 points each time a sapper or Pionier is "killed"

Combat Points that can only be scored by special troops

Combat Engineers/Sappers/Pioniers

  • 100 points for destroying an enemy ammo dump or other designated target by means of demolition charge
  • 3 points for every enemy mine marker removed and turned in according to rules
  • 10 points for every booby trap marker removed and turned in according to rules


  • 10 points for every infantry soldier "killed"
  • 20 points for every NCO or non-officer leader "killed"\