Authenticity Points
Authenticity Points

Points for authenticity may be awarded to troops who perform a specialized function AND wear the insignia and carry the equipment for the specialty they represent. Specialty troops included, but not limited to, in this list are Pioniers/sappers, snipers, signal troops and field medics. The specialties allowed will vary according to each event; in every case these troops must perform or simulate a useful function in the field.

Authenticity Points count the same as Combat Points and will be added to the calculations for the final score tabulation.

Authenticity Point List

5 to 20 Authenticity Points may be awarded for every specialty troop that is authentically equipped and uniformed.

10 to 50 Authenticity Point bonus for Unit/Detachment impression A unit or detachment of specialty troops will score bonus points if a leader/spokesman for the unit can explain the differences in the duties and equipment of each member of his unit and how their impression is appropriate for the particular front, season of the year and point in the war. The points will be awarded according how much the referees are impressed by the research and work put into the impression.

20 Authenticity Points may be awarded for every fighting position that is dug prior to the start of each exercise, provided that the scenario calls for any static positions. Each fighting position must be at least deep enough to provide cover for its occupant while sitting or kneeling.