Inauthenticity Penalties
Inauthenticity Penalties

Inauthentic gear, clothing or actions can cause points to be taken away from the side which commits the authenticity violation. Although there will not be a formal inspection, the referees will be constantly on the alert for authenticity violations and will record the point penalties for each violation as it is observed.

Inauthenticity Penalty List

In strong points or fortified camps:

  • 10 point penalty for every non-period item of camp equipment visible--this includes but is not limited to modern blankets, sleeping bags, air mattresses, plastic tarps, modern furniture, and modern boxes or containers.
  • 30 point penalty for every cooler visible or noticed

In the Field

  • 20 point penalty per instance of every non-period item worn in the field, such as non-WWII era glasses or shoes. Exposure of non-period undergarments, such as T-shirts or tube socks, will be assessed a penalty per occurrence.

Inauthentic speech

  • 10 point penalty for inappropriate speech. Every loud exclamation in the field that distracts from the period atmosphere will be penalized 10 points per occurrence.
  • 100 point penalty for saying "Take a hit" or "I got you" or similar utterances, or arguing with an opponent over taking a hit.