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Title: Vietnam Vets Apprieciation Day
Post by: fearlessandtrue on April 06, 2009, 03:43:39 PM
event sponsed by Delta Troop 1st ID 1/4 Cav, Invite only.  If your Vietnam unit would like to attend please email me at and toss me some photos of your kits I have the right to decline anyone for any reason.  They will be a period USO show and numerous displays.

Since we are all portaying 1st ID for this event we as that other units please go patchless or sew on a 1st ID patch.
GI requirements: mid war kit we are portraying 1969

_1 OG-107 Rip Stop Jungle Fatigue Shirt w/ or without subdued US Army and Name Tape MUST HAVE COLORED DIVISIONAL INSIGNIA if one is to be put on

_1 type 3 OG-107 Rip Stop Jungle Fatigue Shirt and Pants (not Green BDUs)

_1 Pair Jungle Boots Green canvas (Modern ones with Panama soles ok)

_1 OD Tee Shirt

_1 BLACK  Canvas Belt w/ brass or black buckles

1 M-1 Steel Helmet w/liner

_1 Elastic Foliage Band (No modern ones with reflectors)

_1 Mitchell Pattern Helmet Cover

_1 Rubberized Poncho OG-207

_1 Early Poncho Liner ERDL or OD center seam

_1 Mess Kit (WWII Style)

1 M-1956 Pistol Belt (Canvas Only)

_1 Set of M-1956 H-Straps (Canvas Only)

_2 GP Ammo Pouches (Canvas Only)

_2 Plastic Canteens

_ Compass Pouch w/bandage

_1 Aluminum Canteen Cup

_2 M-1956 Canteen Covers (Canvas Only)

_1 M-1956 Butt Pack (Canvas Only)


_M-16A1 Rifle

_M-60 Machine Gun (Working or Dummy)

_M-79 Grenade Launcher (Airsoft or Dummy)

_12 Gauge Shotgun (Must be period and in correct configuration only 1 per squad)

*The M-16A1 is the preferred weapon of the 4th Cavalry Regiment must be in early configuration including triangular forestock, straight pistol grip, flip sight, three prong or full birdcage flash hider.

Tourists and vets welcomed