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Title: Russian WW2 Training Weekend
Post by: sfctab on June 21, 2010, 03:58:38 PM
Training Weekend scheduled for the 9 -11 of July 2010 at Camp Anderson, Texas.

Those Red Army Reenactors interested, will need to contact Dave Russ in regards to the times and location details.

His email is: or at
Anderson has a large playing area and has a WW2 Barracks and Mess Hall. However, these are not free. A Battle Fee will be required of $30.00, includes barracks space and mess hall accomodations.

This is a training event and will be a full emersion into the life of a Red Army Soldier. A political officer will be on hand to tuck you in at night.

Thomas Bores
Mladshii Serzhant , 8th GMC