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Post by: navalgunneriraq on December 30, 2010, 05:04:15 PM
Starting a New England Area KM Coastal Artillerie Unit; MAA-266, which was based in the Le Havre area.  Allied impressions will consist of Forward Observers for the Marine Corps, Airborne units.  Our unit link is:
 We encourage former military to join.  Our primary kit is German KM, Allied kit will be USMC.  Come join us, bring your war stories and have a cup of Joe or brew around the campfire.  We will be filming a Marine Corps documentary this spring to follow up on the Naval doc on the Cassin Young last year.  Look me up at the Gap, I'll be with the 914th this January.  Bring your KM uniform and we'll have a beer at the cafe.  I'll be wearing the KM coastal artillerie uniform