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Post by: crazychevelleman on April 20, 2011, 11:37:23 PM
Open to all, OKINAWA 1945: THE BATTLE FOR SUGAR-LOAF HILL -(66th Anniversary of the Battle for Sugar-Loaf Hill). You men are being Invited to a WWII USMC Reenactment Tactical Battle MAY 13-15, 2011. Please contact Co. Lt. Brandon Morley 972.670.4245 ASAP if you plan on attending.
See webpage for more details on units, and equipment for this battle.

This is a tactical battle, come prepared to have a great time!

Ill see you on the Battle Field!

Semper Fi!
Gunny K. Stewart
USMC 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Reenacting Division


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Post by: Kathy on May 03, 2011, 11:38:24 AM
Here is some updated information on this event, posted by David Butler...

We are less than 2 weeks away from our big Pacific Theater reenactment event of the year, based on the epic battle for Okinawa in 1945.  This event is taking place on the 66th anniversary of the actual battle for Sugar Loaf Hill, May 13-15, 2011.
This reenactment is going to be at Pat O'Bryan's ranch near Brownwood, TX.  Due to dangerously dry weather conditions last month, there was talk of moving the event, but I have personally met with the land owner this afternoon and he has let me know that weather conditions have improved considerably, and he still wants us to come out and have our event.
Below are some in-depth details for the event.  If you have any questions please let me know,  (email me)
Due to the terrain and burn ban, we will be camping in and around the modern barn on the property.  Period style camping is NOT necessary at this event, so bring whatever you would like to be comfortable.  There will be an area to pitch modern tents, and everyone is more than welcome to bring a cot or sleeping bag and bunk in the barn.  There will also be an area for a period style camp near the barn if you would prefer.  Allied and Axis forces will be sleeping in the same area for the sake of safety and convenience.
Because of the burn ban, there will be NO pyro devices of any kind, and NO campfires of any kind allowed.  NO smoking at all in the field will be allowed, due to fire danger.  No smoke grenades, pyro grenades, exploding mortar shells, flares, fireworks, or camp fires of any kind allowed.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Bring your own food/rations for the weekend.  Please also bring at least 3 gallon jugs of water.  It will likely be very hot, so be sure to have enough water to stay hydrated.  There will be a jeep on site to shuttle water to the frontlines, so we should have enough for everyone to stay safe during the day, both Axis and Allies.
Saturday morning all forces will be up and ready for combat by 7:00 am.  There will be a briefing to go over all the rules and make sure everyone is on the same page for the day.  The Axis forces will then be inserted into the battle field and prepare their defenses.  By 8:30am the Allied forces will take the field and the battle will begin.  It will be the Allies job to attack and take each key point that the Axis forces are holding.  Once taken, the Axis forces will fall back to the next key point and the battle will proceed.  It is expected that we will continue the scenario into the afternoon, so be prepared for the hot weather and bring plenty of ammo for sustained operations.
There will be Porta Johns on site for this event.  Please bring around $10 to donate to the land owner to help pay for the rental fees.  He is really great to be providing these for us, so we need to be able to help keep his costs down so we can continue to have events here!
The O'Bryan Ranch is just south east of Brownwood, near the small town of Zephyr.  Here is the address and some directions:
10450 Co.Rd.258
Zephyr, Tx
From Zephyr:
-turn LEFT (west) on CO RD 261
-at the T section turn LEFT on CO RD 261
-at Y split, go LEFT and follow 261
-at T section turn LEFT onto CO RD 258
-OBryan Ranch is on the RIGHT.

My name is David Butler and I am the event coordinator.  Call me if you get lost or need any help finding the place.  I should be on site no later than noon on that Friday.  My cell is 713-851-3694.  My wife Holland's number is 281-798-4963, she will be there as well.
All other info about impressions allowed, authenticity standards, units attending, directions, etc. is on the official event website:
I'm looking forward to this event, and I hope you are too!  Right now we really need some more Japanese reenactors, so if you are interested, contact me, I might have loaner gear for you!
David Butler