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Title: Sewing on rank patch
Post by: Soldat21 on January 28, 2007, 08:16:49 PM
Can someone post a guide or give me tips on sewing on a obershutze patch? I'm kinda of a sewing newbie and don't know how to start  ;D
Title: Re: Sewing on rank patch
Post by: abzeichen on February 11, 2007, 11:34:58 PM
Congratulations on your apparent promotion.

I will try to describe the process; much of it just takes practice. The Obersch?tze patch should be placed about 1/3 down the arm, roughly centered between the shoulder seem and elbow, on the left sleeve. Place it in position with a least two straight pins. Try not to make your thread too long, it gets tangled that way. Cut off about a 2 ft section. I use a single tread for sewing. Pull the tread through the needle as normal, but don't tie the ends together. Knot only one of the strands, cut off the excess. The knotted end should be about 18 inches and the unknotted end should be about six inches. Start your thread underneath the patch so the knot will be under the patch when you finish.

When you pull the thread through the fabric, you are actually only sewing with the one knotted strand, then unknotted strand will always pull out of the fabric. Run the needle through the sleeve fabric parallel to the edge of the patch in short segments. After you pull the thread through, then pull the needle through the sleeve and the edge of the patch, in this fashion you are essentially looping one strand of thread through the sleeve and the patch. Make one or two loops, and then run the needle parallel to the patch again to set up the next loop, and continue. This will take a long time, but when you are done you will have a neatly tacked Obersch?tze patch to your sleeve.

Germans performed tasks in a very neat and tidy manner. By tacking with one thread in this fashion, you do not have and unsightly mass of thread running along the edge of the patch. This is how all insignia and ribbons should be attached to your uniform. 

Title: Re: Sewing on rank patch
Post by: Soldat21 on February 12, 2007, 02:49:11 PM
Thank you Bruce, that really helps a lot!!
Title: Re: Sewing on rank patch
Post by: Philonivs Maximvs on September 07, 2007, 11:04:02 PM
Hopefully you will see the Gefreiter chevrons soon.... vets have told us before that the Oberschutze rank was more of an "attaboy" to a Schutze who was doing well/improving, but didn't yet warrant a real promotion. It was more of a morale-boosting thing. Not to take away from the glory that is your big sleeve pip, but that's the skinny from guys that were there.