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Title: Save the Satate cinema!
Post by: CPO PERTWEE on February 19, 2008, 01:30:22 PM
  :laugh:Hello good folk, please can i ask your assistance?in the town of Grays ,Essex(England) there is an original 1930`s cinema complete with all its original  art-deco fixtures and fittings plus complete compton organ that rises up through the floor,itwas last used in in the film ,"Who killed Roger Rabbit"please go  to and sign the on line petition plus comments  and see the lovely photos .Some other re-enactors and myself are waiting for the word to do a uniformed/civvies parade/demo at the site and will keep you informed if you would like to join us.THANK YOU,C P O Pertwee.p.s.if any one has any spare 40`s naval uniform 48 inch chest,36 inch waist 29 inch leg i would glad buy or swap 40`s police gear for it many thanks