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Well you know, that's part of the problem.... they like having the anonymity of position, with none of the resposibility/accountability that should be part & parcel of dealing with the unfortunate bastards that have to live with these supercilious decrees that they dole out.  If there were some hazard about having to actually confront some of results of their actions, you can damn well bet that they'd be more careful and actually consider what it takes to follow through on such decrees.  In other words, have a REAL backbone!

Karl Helweg:
"For all registered blood donors with an unsatisfied passion for dueling, Paraguay should be top of your list of places to go. It is a ?fact? that dueling is indeed legal in Paraguay, as long as both parties are registered blood donors. "

Do we have any lawyers form Paraguay here to confirm this?  Come to think of it, would a country with legal dueling have any lawyers left?  ;)

We should probably require both parties to sign a full organ donor card and update their wills in order to help those in medical need and save some of the legal drain on society.  

Almost forgot that dueling is strictly forbidden in the military:

I think dueling should be reinstated for sure!  There are trivial things we all let go but seriously, some of the stuff people get away with now is unreal!  I think swords would be better than guns, makes it that much more personal - and brutal. But that's my opinion :) 


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