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The changing face of reenacting

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Why is our hobby having so many problems right on the edge of when it SHOULD be taking off? Hell, it's NEVER been easier to get repro uniforms and gear. And stuff is cheaper now too. I paid like $400+ to New Columbia for my first German Feldbluse in 1992... you can get a dead-on Lost Battalions for cheaper than that. You tell me.

Is it the new recruits we get? Perhaps because they never met the vets like we did -- most are now passing on. Perhaps it's because they come from Civil War which has a tradition, it seems, of "eating its young?" I don't know. Perhaps today's generation just doesn't give a damn... I still blame MTV and Nintendo for the destruction of American Society: MTV teaches you you don't have to be responsible for your actions and Nintendo teaches them that violence is okay. But hey, what do I know?

Dumb Asses
The recent reports of sites being lost to reenactments due to dumb asses damaging property and painting Swastikas there is a prime example of the problem;  it's just unreal! And if the Federation boots this unit, that's bad, as they (The Federation) will basically let ANYONE in the door if they paid his fee (authentic or not). It's always been about the numbers and making the money for them. ;-( (yes, I'm an a-hole)

Let's Discuss it!
If you want to discuss stuff here, let's! I'm not that "PC" and we're not going to shut down threads because it might twist someone's panties a bit. Yes, we will rem posts for threats, flames and such, but dammit, not for the truth. Not for people trying to improve the hobby,

Heinz Varner:
In response to DUMB ASSES.....Well what can I say? They should be banned from the hobby.  >:(

From what I have heard there is more then just one unit out there. There is one in the New England area and the one in the NJ, PA, NY area. It's all out there and most of the people in this hobby don't like these actions.

Problem is no one has the BALLS to say NO to these people and their bad behavior. 0|
Individual units need to boycott events that these morons are allowed to attend.
Maybe when the event dies, then the event coordinators will ban them. :police:
Put the bad behavior out in the light of day and like cockroaches those people will disappear. oo-P

 I agree let's get the word out on the BAD and Ugly units. If we were hosting Dunkirk ,NY I did ban one unit due to problems. If we ever host another event they are banned from it too.
 People and new folks in the hobby need to know who they are too. When a unit always boost "They are the Finest in the entire hobby" That should send up a red flag. More red flags should go up with theses things too, all NCO and officers ,no privates, people who address themselves as a "real Lt or capt, its just a hobby.
 Feeling they are God's gift to the hobby. Being so elite they can't do any wrong. Unwilling to take hits or work with other units to better the hobby. Trying to destroy another units event and boosting that they did it. We should all be trying to make more events so more reenactors can enjoy them. My list could become a X-mas list if I wanted to but will stop here.



The changing face of reenacting is happening to another unit in SW Michigan (St. Joe's Harbor)who is hosting a very BIG D-Day and more invasion event  this June. A "new rumor mill" is trying to say they too have no US Navy or other landing craft support. We'll Great Lakes Naval Base is thier support as too private owners of landing craft.(Will try to get the 99th there next year)
 I pretty much know who the "rumor mill and its reenacting supporters are". Theses folks are ruining this hobby due to playing GAMES. They didn't like my unit's Dunkirk ,NY event and did everything to destroy it. Happy to have a NEW York unit now run it. Maybe one day I'll share this story here with you all. Theses greedy people live between PA and Michigan and host their event too on the Great Lakes.
 We reenactors who want to make this a good hobby for all to do in the future will have to stand up against units like them. Boycotting would be a good start.


Chris Pittman:
I think BS politics and the rumor mill are one of our biggest problems. There are lots of people and groups out there working hard to have quality events and help the hobby improve, unfortunately there are also lots of people more interested in competition than cooperation who love to spread all kinds of myths and legends if it will help them get some kind of advantage, no matter how slight. I'm a reenactor in New England and I wonder what local unit is being talked about here, the "cockroaches" that some would have banned from the hobby? The reenactment scene isn't very big here and there aren't a lot of units.

My group (the largest German unit in New England) is starting to focus more and more on total immersion events with an emphasis on history, and less and less on farby sham battles and public displays for a public that just doesn't give a crap. We are working on more first person reenacting and experimental archaeology, we train and drill, make regulation field positions, eat regulation meals cooked in our field kitchen, etc. These type of events are very satisfying and fun, especially for some of us who have been doing this for a while and are sick of the frustrating farce of most tacticals. Since March, we have had three events of which one was a tactical and two were training events; this weekend we are having a unit-only immersion event. We actually had more members show up for the training weekends than for the tactical! Also, in a time when the hobby's authenticity standards seem to be in decline, we have not compromised on our standards and in fact have worked to increase the accuracy of our impression. This has helped us to get a bunch of new recruits who are serious about authenticity and on the same page, these guys are helping us get better and better all the time. So reenacting is in fact changing for us, it is getting better and more satisfying. I have talked to members of other units who are doing this as well, getting back to an emphasis on history, the thing that got us all started in this crazy hobby. We continue to support and host quality tactical events (we host the largest event in the region, we are hosting or co-hosting 2 other area tactical events this year as well) but we are finding other options that most of our members enjoy even more.


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