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What about the lesser powers?


Hey I see everybody is keen on British, German and French impressions but the whole thing is a bit boring and lacks innovation. Is there anyone out there that has compiled a more obscure outfit? :-\

I am quite into the Eastern and Balkan fronts and I am creating+collecting bits and bobs mainly for Greece, Ottoman and  Bulgarian armies.

I suspect that if there were some more sources for the various uniforms and equipment for the lesser powers, they might see some more interest. Sure, I can think of some interesting impressions but unless equiment and the like can be sourced (at a price that doesn't require a second mortgage), it's just an idea.

But even with that, I seriously doubt if it would be more than just something for timeline events. But who knows?

Here in Belgium, a few groups are doing the Belgian Army 1914, including our group.

I like to do the 'lesser known' units, even from the 'great powers', I re-enact Royal Naval Division 1914, German Marine Division 1914 and Belgian Chasseur ? Pied 1914, because they fought around the area where I live during the siege of Antwerp.



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