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help with a historic fashion show


hello everyone , I am hoping that a few of you might be able to help me with an event . I am looking to host a historic fashion show with clothing ( women ,  children , men ) of all time periods . I haven't had much luck locating anyone who would be willing to help provide the clothing that is needed. So i am hoping that posting here will help with this . The show would be in the Northern New Jersey area , a date has not been set since i don't have enough clothes to even have a small show . I am also hoping that i would be able to ? Barrow ? these items at no cost . For more info just email me and i will be happy to help .

If I recall corectly thier is (was?) a 30 yrs war group or 2 on the east coast.  We had a tatical out in Phily a few years back I see if I can't find a contact or web site for you.

thank you , that would be great.

Sorry about talkeing so long to get back in touch with you but I can't find or deleted the web sites/contact info
Sorry about that.

that's ok , thank you anyway


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