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Mayfaire 2010 is coming up!


The last two weekends of May (22/23 and 29/30/31) V?kingarnir ?r Mikillv?tnumum (Vikings of the Great Lakes) will be setting up our Viking Village in Marshall, Michigan.  This is a lovely wooded site in the midst of a growing ren faire, and we are pleased to have access to so many patrons.   Many dozens will be stopping by to watch as we dye yard, weave, cook, work wood and iron, sew, make pottery, etc.  It's a fine place to camp as well, with a sunken fire-pit and plenty of space for tents.   There are even (relatively) clean showers and real toilets a short walk away!

We are on Facebook (Vikings of the Great Lakes group) & have a detailed web site:

--Einar Severinson, oath-man to Jarl Olaf


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