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Is any one familiar with the Degrato (spelling) Weltspiegel films? Trying to get a list of films and titles so I know which ones I have. Do not own a 16mm projector but working on it.

More specific questions I have are:

1) Does anyone know where to find information on Weltspiegel films? Looking for reel numbers and titles. I know #15 is Dunkirk, #38 is Rostov, etc.
2) What is the best way to preserve the original films?
3) Can anyone recommend a dealer/person to tranfer from original masters to create a digital master?

Well I just went through the ones I received and looks to be some interesting views from the German side on them. Here is what I've found:
Folge #                                               Title   
29                                                        Der Winter 1941-1942 Ostfront
31                                                        Heldengedentag 1943
34                                                        Luftwangriffe auf Malta
35                                                        Einnaham Sewastopols
36                                                        Luftwaffen Angriffe en Osten
37                                                        Kampf goischen Donez und Don
38                                                        Sturm auf Rostow
39                                                        box says 39 but film numbered 38
40                                                        in unmarked box, Sturm auf Armawir und Woraschilowisk
42                                                        unknown, damaged, missing title part
43                                                        Der kampf un Stalingrad
44                                                        unknown, missing part with title
45                                                        Kaukassusfront Elbrushestigung
Hoping I was able to read the small title slides with out messing up too bad. Working on getting 41: Dieppe
33: Sewastopol Krim and 32: Charkow.

Still looking to transfer from film to dvd so if you can recommend a company that would be great.


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