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The Merry Men Guild - Medieval Light Archer/ Infantry Outlaw Reenactment - PA


The Duke:

The Merry Men Guild is a group recently reformed out of SE Pennsylvania seeking to breathe life back into itself. We are searching for good people of all races, genders, ages, heights, weights, religions, and what have you. We seek to portray a group of light infantry-esc Longbowmen Outlaws. We feel that the common-man outlaw is under-portrayed in the world of reenactment and seek to fill that void.

Our areas of Operations are:
For more information please visit our site:www.TheMerryMenGuild.webs.comOr shoot us an

Karl Helweg:
Now you restart the Merry Men Guild?  I could have picked your brains a few weeks ago.

The Duke:
Haha, Sorry to come too late for you. We aren't exactly a direct depiction of Robin Hood's Merry Men, more or less just based off of them, taking the name because it's something every can associate with and understand immediately what it's about. As well another explanation for our name is that the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men have been around since the early to mid 1400's so the name was taken by our group with no actual relation to the original Merry Men or Robin Hood (Though we make it a point to be versed in the tales, since that is/ will be what most people will ask about when our name is heard.) ;D


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