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One year volunteer M10 Feldwebel Feldrock Grenadier-Regiment K?nig Friedrich I


Please help me Gent's. I'm trying to re-enact One year volunteer Feldwebel of Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich I (4. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 5 in first year of war 1914.
Do you have any pictures or drawings of this uniform? It's very hard to find any references...Could I use this uniform just change the cuffs to Brandenburg ones and put correct shoulder straps?

If not do you know anyone who could make one for me? (I'm very tall and need custom made one)
Best regards 8)

Sorry, this has taken so long. Have you checked out Prussian's Glory? A great website w/ many of the uniform details you'd need.

This link has some good information about one year volunteers.,d.aWw


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