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Ravensborg, Viking, Saxon, Norman, etc. Hillfort in Midwest USA


We have two annual events here at Ravensborg open to all Viking age cultures.  "Return of the Sun" is always the weekend following the first Thursday after the 18th of the month.  This is traditionally the first day of Summer in Iceland and other viking regions.  The "Return of the Dead" is the weekend before Halloween.

Our events are open to the public on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm, but our events are for the participants rather than for the public.  They are always free to attend, free to feast, and free to jump in and enjoy whatever activities you choose.  We have competitions in archery and ax, fishing, and entertainment during the feast.  Feasting is Saturday evening.  Combat demonstrations with steel are normally scheduled for around 1 pm on Saturday.  Our kit requirements are the best you have and a willingness to make it better next time.   ;)

Guran (Sam)

Nice website! I looked on it and was wondering where you're located at. Do you have a unit/group? If so, feel free to add them to our units/groups listing! It's free. Anyway, just wanted to say the site looked nice. ;)

Thanks, I design and update the webpage myself.  Ravensborg is located in the Northeast corner of Missouri by Knox City, MO.  It is about half way between Kirksville, MO and Quincy, IL or Hannibal, MO on Highway 6.

We have our own group called Ravensgard that is part of the Vikings Vineland, which in turn is part of the Vikings UK.  Web page here;

I am also a member of Skjaldborg;

There are other viking/dark age groups scattered around that I associate with also, like the Joms.  Lots of fun and some great people to hang out with around a campfire.   I will see if I can post their links in the unit/groups listings.



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