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2nd Chevauleger (Southern California)



After a hiatus, the 3rd Squadron of the 2nd Chevauleger Regiment is re-forming and we need a few good recruits!

We are a unique unit in that while cavalry seemed to be increasingly irrelevant on the Western Front after 1914, the 2nd Chevauleger still continued to function both as front-line infantry, undergoing regular rotation into the front line. Also, when not in the front line, they acted as a mounted reseve, performed provost duties, and coordinated the procurement of re-mounts for the field artillery. The Chevauleger were unique to the Bavarian Army and elements of the 2nd Chev served on both the Eastern and Western Fronts.

Our mission is to perserve the heritage of the German cavalry soldat during WWI, through various living history activies to include battle reenactments and various public living history events, with and without horses. While horse-riding ability is not a requirement, it's greatly appreciated! 

We're located in Southern California and if you are interested, please feel free to PM me.

Great! IF you need it, I had downloaded your old website back in the day, and could get it to you as a start. ;)

Thanks- I'm in the process of designing a new website that I'll eventually get one up and running after the holidays.

In the meantime, the 2nd Chevauleger is looking for recruits and no, horseback riding experience is not necessary!  ;)


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