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HI all,
   I do Civil war reenacting now. However I been wanting to do a F&I and Rev war Native impression for aboout the last five years now. The hard thing is that I am in California can anyone help me out? thanks.


The first thing I would do is do some basic research on the Nation you would like to portray.  From that, you can determine a geographic region.  Once that is established, try to contact some folkes in that region to find groups/people who do that impression and can help you out. 
Please keep in mind that the Nations of Natives vary as much as do the Russians vs. the English. 
Hope this helps,
Joshua Cummings

Thanks for your reply.  I know how much Native Nations can vary. I am hafe Chiricahua Apache and when I was younger and living with my grandmom  at the Fort Sill Ok. I meet alot of other tribes at powwow that I would dance at. I once even date a Lenni- Lenape ( Delaware ) girl. I have Talked to one person out here and he siad that thier is no one that dose a Native impression out here. I would like to do a Mohack or a Onondaga. Should I start my one ? If so how do I go about it.. thanks again.



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