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Establishment Day - Plymouth, Mass --First Town Guard



On February 17 1621, the surviving Mayflower settlers met and "On Saturday the 17th day in the morning we called a meeting for the establishing of military Orders amoungst ourselves, and we chose Miles Standish our Captaine, and we gave him authoritie to command in affayres."  - from Mourts' Relation 1622.
The New Plimmoth Gard will re-enact this event for the first time in 392 years, it is also the first year of our group.  We will perform this reenactment at noon on Sunday February 17, 2013.  The event will start at Town Square at the top of Leyden St, in Plymouth Ma.  We will then march about 3 blocks south to the Training Green and perform a pike and musket drill.
Fellow reenactors are welcome to attend and kibbitz ;)

We did hold this event although 1 day later on Feb 18, due to snow and wind.  We did get press coverage see  for article and video on Establishment Day.

Great! How about posting some photos and more info?  ;)


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