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Reenacting Reconnaissance and Spähertruppen Roles


I read a lot on this group, but don't post much. Anyway...

With encouragement from others, what started as crude 4 page outline of personal
notes has turned into a 100+ page reenacting "manual" on German reconnaissance
and Spähertruppen roles. I never imagined this project would evolve into its
present form. Have a look. Maybe you'll get something useful from it. Maybe
you'll have feedback as to how it can be improved (there are sure to be errors).
In either case, it's my little contribution to the hobby. Feel free to share
with others who may be interested in the subject matter. I'll be posting this
info on assorted forums over the next few days, so I apologize in advance if you
end up seeing this more than once.

And with that, I disappear back to the shadows, like good Spähertruppen should.

PDF Version:
Word Doc:


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