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The High Seas Time Travel Cruise aka 4th Annual SteamPunk Cruise

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Karl Helweg:
2019 will depart New Orleans February 2nd!  See:

The March 2016 cruise theme is time travel to help more reenactors attend who do not have 7+ days or SteamPunk clothes. 

Apparently some guests cannot see these links so you can just type XXXXXXX.COM  if you do not see the hotlink above. 

Karl Helweg:
To help folks visualize what this cruise might look like here are some photographs from the 1st and 2nd Annual SteamPunk Cruises:

The 4th Annual SteamPunk Cruise will probably have more time periods represented.  I understand that some returning cruisers (it is a very good sign when so many of us return) are working on Regency and DieselPunk among other things.   Western, ACW, Boer, and Edwardian folks barely have to try. 

Karl Helweg:
Although some details of the 4th Annual SteamPunk Cruise have not been finalized this far out there are tentative plans for a "military uniform day" and the Hugo authoress  offered to host two costume competitions.  One for linen (Regency?) and one for costumes made for curtains.

Karl Helweg:
One of the high points of the SteamPunk Cruise will be the high tea at the 18th century Good Hope plantation:  As an 18th century reenactor I have seen some marvelous period houses but this is unique and ingenious.  There is also a zipline for those less tea inclined. 

Karl Helweg:

The Elissa in Galveston harbor. 


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