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1./Kompagnie Infanterie-Regimant 23 (1./J.R. 23) is seeking recruits for der Kaiser's Armee. This is an older unit that is re-forming. Our attitude is that we are in this for both autneticity AND fun.We recognize that every unit has it's own ideas and plans -- so do we! Our plans are to build a unit that believes in authenticity and fun! Fun in a hobby cannot be stressed enough! This isn't the real military and we recognize that our members are volunteers; dedicated volunteers though they be!

Among other things we plan to focus on, are First-Person Impressions along with trying to use German as much as possible while in the line. Our unit plans are to eventually build a bunker at the GWA's Newville battlefield, along with a proper trench line. We also hope to have a positive influence on fellow units in those areas.

For information on joining J.R. 23, please visit our web site

J.R. 23 website:

Unit yahoo group:

Are there any West Coast WWI German Units out there?


--- Quote from: SaniUffz352 on January 19, 2007, 11:41:55 AM ---Are there any West Coast WWI German Units out there?
--- End quote ---
Sure!! There is an I.R. 23 out there, along w/ other units. Bavarians too. Haveyou checked out the GWHS website??

Sehr Ausgezeichnett!  Marsch, do you have the websites listed on this forum?  I can see the one 1./Kompagnie Infanterie-Regimant 23 (1./J.R. 23), and I'll try them... Vielen Dank Kamerad!

Here's the deal with the West Coast. The Jack Rabbit Trails site was abandoned due to the influx of vandals, drunks with shotguns, paintballers and mother nature. At one point it was being passed around that the land was going to be sold off, that never happened. The fact of the matter is that the site was not secure and it was constantly being vandalized (the ANZAC bunker was literally ripped out of the ground and stolen...yeah the whole thing).

The decision was made to let it go. Too much blood, sweat, and tears were going into the place to see it destroyed every year. The German line lost 4 bunkers within a couple years. Are there WW1 units still out here? Yes. Are they active? Yes, but only at timeline events such as Marching Through History, History of Heroes, and Ft Mac. IR 23 still has members that come out. My unit 45th Co 3/5 USMC, is not active. All the members are WW2 reenactors as well and have primarily been attending those events.

GWHS website. I was running the website out of my pocket which I was fine with, but unfortunately things have gotten real tight with my wife not working full time due to her back injury. I had to close the site. There is a Yahoo group here:

There have been efforts by a couple of members to find a new battlefield out here but there is really no such thing as cheap land out here unless you want to portray Lawrence of Arabia in the Mojave desert, so there haven't been any developments on a new field. So there it is in a nutshell. Rob if you want contact info for IR 23 let me know and I'll get with you offline. The head honchos for the IR23/6th Sturmpionier units haven't really bought into the whole internet thing yet.


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