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There seems to be a growing issue with behavior at events. Several individuals andor/ units are discussing these issues, not attending certain events due to them and so on. Some of the issues that have been circulating around include:

1)  individuals that appear (some people are 21 but do look 17) to be underage drinking at events and sometimes heavily to the point of falling down drunk

2)  individuals "hitting" on underage participants

3)  units attending events coming to have a frat party, begin drinking heavily Friday then going out into the  field the next day in only what only God knows what type of condition.

4)  it now seems that the use of illegal substances openly is becoming an issue

5)  it also seems that there were strippers at an event on a military establishment

6)  discharging firearms at events, after drinking, late at night on military establishments

Of course some might be rumors but some are also going to be true as well. If any of the above are true what actions should the hobby take to curb this behavior? All it would take is one person saying/doing something and the wall will come crumbling down on all of us. Almost all of us like to party and have a good time but shouldn't there be some sort of consequence for going beyond the norm? Any ideas?

Heinz Varner:
It's simple, people are pussies and won't take a stand against these type of people.
 >:(  :O>@
Maybe if the cops  :police: show up on scene and the hobby suffers, maybe then someone will stand up. oh wait then it's too late. ???

i guess i have been lucky any event i have attended or held i have never had any problems with the people there. Well , we could always all band together and come up with some sort of "Black List " . this would let poeple know that the groups on the list showed poor behavoir at an event. maybe when they stop being invited or allowed to jion an event because of their behavior it might stop .

just my thoughts.

Heinz Varner:
Good luck with that. No one has the balls to say "you can't come or you are not welcome.
Hell the event coordinators are the ones with the power to do this. But they seem to think if they do their events will suffer.

I think just the opposite would be true. Ban the idiots, regardless of who they are, and more will come.

i have truned people way , not for behavior but because we didn't have any more room ,  and it just made them wanted to came the next year. if your event is a good event the "good : groups will came back and in the end be thankful for the kind of event you are running.

i think every one has to stop thinking and saying "if you say no , others wouldn't came " i agree with Frundsberg ban them and others , hopefully more true reenactors will take their place.


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