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Just wanted to introduce ourselves as well. We produce a line of board, card and dice games from the past, and carry a playing cards from a range of eras. We were the ones demonstrating at reenactorfest
Wholesale pricing available

Sounds great! I always like seeing cool period stuff like that. :-)

We're running a special on our period playing cards. Buy all three decks (German French and English) and we're throwing in a free booklet of early card games.

Also we've marked down our Tarot Visconti to $15.00. It's a miniature version of the oldest/most complete surviving tarot deck and we throw in our booklet of the earliest surviving games that were played with tarot cards

We've also stocked up on reproduction doubloons that can be props that cover a fairly wide range of time. If you buy a set of 100 we throw in a free Put & Take gambling top in simulated ivory/bone. It works the same as the "pirate" game sold these days under the name "Morgan's Revenge"

Do you folks travel at all? There is a Colonial Days event in Frederick MD on May 30&31st that could really use your presence,lol.
If you do,contact me.

We've been to the Colonial Market Fair at Fort Frederick a few years ago, but even with gas prices down, it's farther than we normally travel from our home in Minnesota. (It didn't help that it was the same year a splinter group set up a competing event and it rained all weekend  ;-( )

Here's a little more about what we do:

Feel free to Email me at with current info.


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