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Just wanted to see how everyone feels about 24 hour immersive type events.  I love them and our unit is thinking of doing one next fall.  Any suggestions?

9th SS

I personally think they're key to really getting into your impression.  However, I think all too often people think that this means you should be in combat for 24 consecutive hours.  I think it would be much more useful to portray troops that see an occasional skirmish, but otherwise spend their time performing the basic tasks that soldiers in the field would be engaged in far more frequently: patrols, posting guard, cooking, mending kit, digging holes, marching, all in a period frame of mind and using period materials.  Granted, I've never been a great lover of tacticals as they seem pretty cheesy most of the time.  But my absolute best moments in reenacting have been sitting in a foxhole or a trench in the middle of a cold night, with flares occasionally arcing overhead, trying to keep my eyes and ears open for an enemy that may or may not be coming.

Peter Geyer

I concur with what is said above. Generally you're going to find that there will be long lulls in the action. Let's face it the common soldier dealt alot more with boredom, fatigue, cold, wet, hot weather. 24 hour battles usually have many of those elements innertwined with a few patrols and/or attacks by enemy probes or even all out assaults.  Then there comes the night time. A whole other world where every bush seems to be a person and you're battling to stay awake and warm at the same time.  Then all of a suden BOOOM, you're getting hit by the enemy. Good stuff.  My only suggestion is that you have your commanders actually have some sort of plan or goal for the weekend beyone just shooting at the enemy as much as possible. It really helps when all elements are on the same page. I know easier said then done, but it can really turn into a weekend of cowboys and indians if there is no real plan that is stuck to. Oh, and come up with a watch through the night. One or two guys can't fend off attacks if the enemy comes in strength and 3/4 of your force is asleep. Plan that well before dark. Have fun!

Thanks for the input guys.  You both make good points, definately don't want cowboys and Indians.

It would bring out the true reenactors who are doing it for the right reasons (not coming to have a frat party all weekend long). Might want to think about doing an East Meets West event which would allow you to possible have the betters units from all sides attend.


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