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Was wondering if we will see a rise in East Fronts events in the mid-atlantic and northeast areas. It seems that several of us also do other impressions (Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, etc.) as well as some new Soviet units forming up in the area. Besides the GD events can think of maybe two more. Lets see how we can start to see more of these events happening. Any suggestions? Maybe those who do German but have the Russian impression might want to consider coming out as Russian until it begins to gain some ground? Yeah, like my German impression as well but will come out as Romanian to do it (allows me to be on both sides depending on the scenerio).

Our unit will be hosting two Ostfront events a year in Lugoff, SC.  Lugoff is right near Columbia, SC, and is an easy interstate drive from any mid atlantic state.  The property is privately owned 170+ acres that we are modifying/improving (russian and german) for Ostfront battles.  We will do one ostfront in the spring, and one in the fall.  We are trying to work in conjuction with the Cabarrus living history in NC, which will also host ETO events in the spring and fall on a 1000+ acre piece of privatly owned land less than 20 miles away from our site, and within a month of each event to make it easier to stage vehicles etc....

Feel free to check out our website and our forum will have event updates as well.

It looks like more are coming out to be known. There is one at Gore, Va and know of two in the Northeast (Haydenville, MA and a place in NH). GD has one but invite only. One in OH also. Hoping to see more in the Mid-Atlantic which is closer or at least about the same drive in both directions.

2SS is putting on an Ostfront event at Buck Springs Plantation in Warren County NC.  We(116Pz) have used it for Westfront event in the past.  It is a great property with forest, hills, buildings, and clearings.  It is tentatively set for the weekend of December 8.  Email Terry Green for info



I know the place. Came down as SS from NJ two years ago. Wasn't able to make it down this past time to the new location.


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