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Do we need to return to ONE National WWII Organization?

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I disagree. I don't go to these things to be in modern clothes. I also don't go to be around the public... in fact I try to avoid anything reeking of a public "battle."

My beef is w/ the GI's (and some Germans) who rip off their uniforms as soon as the battl eis over and either head out for home or want to go drink "Buttwiper" out of aluminum cans or watch John Wayne movies, etc. It's like they're ashamed of the uniform. Most Germans on the other hand (and Brits and Sovs) tend to stay in their kit and have a good time socializing.

In our unit everyone stays in period attire, not costume. Sorry a costume is for a Halloween Party. We are reenactors of a given era. We wear uniforms or period attire.
 As for our members everyone stays in uniform till the bitter end of the event. To change into your "Death Metal Band T-shirt" with wal-mart jeans and sneakers that cost more then a pair of boots you ruin the weekend of being back in time for a short period of time. Theses people wore theses uniforms for years you can do it for a weekend.
 As for wearing your uniform to the store. Who cares. People in modern clothes get more looks then us . Trust me I work in a hospital I see how people dress. We all are far better.

 Pat Tarasovitch

This is the way I see it.  After reenacting for over 25 years I have noticed many things.  As was stated before there are the ones who rip off their uniforms and put civies on as soon as they can.  As for me and my compadres, we wear UNIFORMS NOT COSTUMES, heck, many of the uniforms reproduced today you could be transported back to 43 and fit right in.  I know that after hours if any of us have libations they are put into a canteen cup or period container so we can stay as period as possibl.  As for wearing your uniform to a store either prior to or after an event, DO IT!  Heck, try wearing a civil war uniform including heel plate into a store and be "skating" aroun the store gathering supplies.  Remeber all, many of us do this to honor the veterans and to educate, I know the public understands more than many think.


Michael Dorosh:
Every one of you has slightly missed the point I was trying to make, so I'll try again. It's a simple point - Time and place.

If you're at the event, then yes, remain in uniform, be proud, and live in the moment preferably as a unit. Take refreshments as a unit - set up a unit canteen - hell, use it as a fund-raising device for the unit; sell period refreshments, or if that is not palatable, put modern soft drinks, etc., into period containers. I think that is acceptable. You don't need to torture people by expecting them to live on German black bread, sausage and warm water out of aluminum containers for two days straight - not only would it be a disincentive to participating, but it would actually be hazardous to their health. If you don't have an interest in the living history aspects of the hobby, then don't hang around ruining it for those that do; leave the area before changing out of uniform.

I certainly wasn't advocating stripping out of uniform WHILE AT THE EVENT. I meant that if you're going to leave the confines of the event area, then that is the time to get all the way out of uniform. It's not a costume. Modern militaries have regulations about being seen in public in uniform - you're not allowed to wear field dress to the local mall or bar after being in the field for an exercise, for example, all covered in mud and dirt - you go home and strip out of your grungy clothes first. So why should pretend soldiers presume that they should be seen that way? Pat says "we all are far better". Sure, then prove it. Have the pride and discipline to know when to wear the uniform, and when not to. Again - it's a uniform, not a costume.

I understand what you are saying.  When we go to events we have our work uniform, dress uniform and period civilian attire to change into if we wish.  In our case going to a resteraunt smelling like avgas, hydraulic fluid and oil is a bad thing.  That's why we have period civilian clothes.



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