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Do we need to return to ONE National WWII Organization?

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I think in theory it would be a good idea, then standards could be the same across the board, units better able to coordinate, events no longer would be competing wth each other, and there would be a level playing field as to saftey regs.

Of course you all know what would happen if the idea of a uniform WWII organization was to come to being; sooner or later one group would not like what another is doing, ( better yet, personalities would clash) and then the split would open up. Different philosophies and attitudes etc., it is just bound to happen.

It is interesting because in Civil War there are several National level organizations, AoP, Cumberland Guard, Western Battalion,( I am dating myself I know, these probably have all changed!) all with different but similar standards. Some were known as being more "hardcore" than others but generally at the big National events all played fairly nice together. Of course from how I understand it now, the move has been to more "mess" size groups who come together to do like minded events, away form the Publik, in the same vein as the GWA.But then there are still the other mainstream events.

I think what would help all the National groups in WWII, would be to find some way in which all can "play" together at large events, still hositng the smaller events within the organizations. Maybe this would get the organizations to  better find a way to accommodate each other for the good of the whole.

Of course there will always be politics, as long as there are personalities and differnces of opinion on why we all do this hobby.No getting rid of that.

I guess if it was put to vote I would be for the Uber organization for all, but as pointed out it would depend on the leadershio and attitudes adopted, which leads us right back to the vicious circle of politics!!


How about a national organation for each major nation  1 for USA, 1 for German, 1 for Brittish, 1 Russian. smaller national forces would fall in with the one of the larger organation nations that they were allied with in the war. ie Poland either Britt or Russian, Canada would be Britt Finland would go to German and so on and so on.
Each national org could then foucus on just the impression.
This could work you get the seperation that some people need and like yet one group would be in overall "comand"  their would be a rep  from each nation on a governing board (say two from each group)
Just an idea.

Won't work... there's too many "Janitor-Generals" who won't give up power :-(

Philonivs Maximvs:
Daniels, the only problem I have with separate org's by nationality/impression is that you will lose overall comradeship at events. After the fighting, everyone will really go off in separate corners, and even less chance to interact. It's all subdivisions..... it's bad enough that the uniforms now keep people from socializing! I've seen even GI's who "won't go hang with the Krauts". ARGH!! It's a costume, you dolts! We're all WW2 enthusiasts here. That sort of mentality only breeds it on the other side, which is probably why this grand idea won't work in the long run, unfortunately.

Sorry, I'm normally an optimist  :-\

Yeah I kinda thought that might be the case, but as I said it was an idea.
Other than "reality rearing it's head" was it a good idea or as Philonivs Maximvs said to prone to segment even more.


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