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Anyone have experience with either of these companies?

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Van Schoonhoven:
I want to start my 18th Century kit and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the following companies.  They both sell 18th cent. shoes, the same shoes it seems, which is what I wanted. I was talking with Fugawee for awhile, via email, but when it came to actually ordering the shoes, they went mia.  I haven't dealt with USHist at all.

I can highly reccomend the firm of G. Gedney Godwin. I bought my Hessian army shoes from them in the late 80's.  --Still  have them today!  Theyv'e worn quite well and still look fit for an audience at the royal court or social genteel gathering.  I think the smooth side out model is still available.  They take a splendid shine!

---Oh, yes......  Silly me! I forgot to mention that they have more than just the Hessian army shoes for sale.  But a quick google to Godwin's site will make that plain......

Van Schoonhoven:
Thank you for the suggestion, Rockman. 

What materials were used to make the soles/heals of your shoes?  All leather or rubber?

All leather, with appropriate nailing.  If the rest of shoes are as similar in construction as mine, they'll do you a good service.  Being so constructed, should you ever wear them to the point of needing resoling or heeling, shoe repairmen LOVE to work on these types of shoes.


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