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Hi guys! I'm soliciting your help here.  I'm looking for patterns for Imperial German uniforming that are pre 1916. I didn't know where to look, and I thought that you guys that do WW1 might have some ideas on where to go.  I don't have a specific uniform in mind.  I just wanted to see what might be available for home fabrication.  ( My Mrs. is very handy at sewing my other period clothes )....  Anything from the 1890's- to as late as 1912 are target area. --Anyone?  Thanx!

Kind of a broad topic...the basic thing is that the big transition in uniforms and equipment occurred in 1910 when the Germans went over to the grey for field uniforms. Before that, uniforms were a lot more colorful. For infantry, and this is a BROAD generalization, tunics were a dark blue with matching pants (white pants were worn in the summer months). There are a number of references out there with more specifics (I'm at work so I don't have access to my library) and there are quite a few variations (it gets worse with cavalry).

If you're looking at pre-1910 uniforms, you're going to have to look at an original in order to draft the necessary patterns- there's nothing commercially available, as far as I know.

Probably one of the best original sources to go to is Moritz Ruhl- he publised a number of "aftermarket" uniform guides (I have a reprint of the one covering all the new grey uniforms so it wouldn't be much help if you're looking for earlier stuff). The one thing you'll find out about German uniforms is that the Germans were not big on putting uniforms regulations in a central place and using pictures. Lucky for us, there was a thriving private purchase market for both enlisted and officers and this helps out a bit.

Thanks for the info.  Anything helps, and the Moritz Ruhl suggestion sounds like a good place to start.  --Does it seem a little out of character for the German army to not have regulations & pictures in a central place?  Or am I keeping a stereotypical view of Prussian efficiency?  Anyways, thanks again!  Anyone else, feel free to chime in.....

you're trying to apply American notions to Germans... it's like apples and oranges... 0| look at it this way, these things are inordinately complicated to make -- way more than Silly War or Rev stuff. At least a 1910 is... it's a lot easier (and prob cheaper too, if you consider time spent) to just buy it from Schipperfabrik. Not only is it hard to fiond good buttons, the proper wool is sometimes hard to find also.
My 2. cents...

Yeah, I was wondering how much of a trick it would be to find the right fabric.  I figured that finding the buttons might be a real challenge in itself.


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