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What unit do you portray?

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Jump on in and tell us all. I've done German since 1991. Was doing Gebirgs, but I am now old and fat, so I am looking into Luftwaffe Ground Troop.

1st SS - have been doing it for a one year and a half. Will be going to FIG for the first time.  ;D

Was protraying the 18th Luftwaffe Feld Division, but it split up and fell apart. So now I am currently bumming. No real unit yet. What is bad, is that I bring nice items to the table. I have (2) MG42's, (1) MG34, (3) MP40's, and (3) PPSH41's, and various other G43's, K98's and everything else you can think of. So you would think I could find a nice unit to play with.

Sorry forgot to put my numbers of years reenacting. I have been doing German since 1999.

1st SS as part of KG Sonnenwende. I'm new to this unit, but have been reenacting, German and Allied, since 1988. My personal impression is of a Kriegsmarine U-Boat crewman who was on his way back to Lorient from leave in Bavaria June 1944, but couldn't get back due to the invasion. So of course I "volunteered" to join with my Waffen SS Kameraden to fight back against the Ami's. That's how I expalin my 43 year old self be ing a WSS Schutze. I will be falling out at FIG with the KG for the first time next week.



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