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Hello is ww1 reenacting as exspesive as say ww2 or cw and why are german weapons so hard to come by even the old junked up ones have just about dissappeared thats gotta hurt the growth of the hobby any clue on any allied units close to alabama???  thanks in advance

                                                     Big H

Doing a WWI German impression is not quite as expensive (but close) as doing a WWII German (basic Heer infantry, no "specialized" impressions). As for weapons, they're still out there but you have to be patient and shop around- the best thing to do is keep checking out Auction Arms and For the more mechanically able, you can also find GEW 98s that wound up in use with other countries and convert them to the proper configuration. Most units should have some loaners to get you going- as far as I can tell, it hasn't slowed down German WWI reenacting.

As for an Allied unit, I'm out here in California so someone else may be more qualified to answer that question. Good luck!

Hello Heniz,

I'm the founder of a British WW.1 reenactment group here in California: 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. To add a little to what 'Oskar_2ndChev' has informed you. All three periods, American Civil War, WW.1 and WW.2 are about on an equal par as regards to cost to the individual. However, that should never deter anyone from getting in and enjoying the period with like minded individuals.

I appreciate your interest and want to portray your Grandfather's unit, but there is quite an overflow of German units at present, and the Allies from both World Wars are being left in the dark. Pretty soon, the German units will have to fight amongst themselves, or wait in line in order to engage an Allied unit or two.

In reference to your question about the American side of things for WW.1. The correct rifles to use would be either the '03' Springfield, or the Model 1917 Enfield. The Pattern 1914 Enfield in .303. cal was not issued to American troops, unless they were directly attached to a British unit during the latter part of 1917. However, any American unit that you portray will only have one particular type of rifle in use; either the Springfield or the Enfield... not both. Incidentally, Sgt Yorks battalion used the Model 1917.

The German rifles of the period are out there in their original military spec, but if found are commanding ridiculas prices. Many are still found in europe, but you'll need to find an FFL dealer who is willing to carry out the paperwork for you.... and this comes at a price! The ongoing craze (eating up both Allied and German rifles) of sportizing, is where you'll find the item you require, but you'll need to find a good source of original parts to bring it back to military spec. Visit as many 'Gun Shows' as you possibly can... you might get lucky!

Hope the above has helped?



--- Quote ---by the way are 03 springfields correct or 1917 enfields or brit type enfields for american impression

--- End quote ---

The short answer is that it depends on the unit. However, with that said, there were far more 1917 Enfields issued than 1903 Springfields.


--- Quote from: HENIZ on December 26, 2007, 02:08:13 PM ---. by the way are 03 springfields correct or 1917 enfields or brit type enfields for american impression


--- End quote ---

All three were used by American Troops in France durning WWI, as Oskar said it really depends on the unit. the 4th Marine Brigade were exclusively issued M1903's.


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