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New Here norcal groups?


Hi Everybody, my name is Andy Pierucci, I am 19, and I want to join a reenacting group in northern california.  I dont want to join the sca, because I dont think that it is historically accurate enough.  I was wonderng if anybody knows of any medieval reenacting groups in northern california?  I am looking for periods anywhere between 800ad-1400ad.


Sir Didymous:
How now?
I know what you mean about SCA, I have some issues with certain aspects in their group.  It's nothing major, in fact my group is working with them on an event.  Medieval groups are kind of hard to locate, most of them are little groups that seem almost like their hiding.  That's why some friends and family of mine started our own group.  We're based in OH, but if you have some friends that are in to the idea (it only takes a few), we're just now taking info for new chapters.  Drop me a line at, you can check out our myspace at and our official web site will be up and running soon.

Here you go, Andy, right up your alley:
Also this is a discussion group:

Good luck!


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