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2008 Traders Jubilee


 ;D  It's time to dust off yer boots, get your Sunday go to meetin' clothes together and head on over to the BEST shindig this side of the Mississippi!

The Jubilee will be held on April 5 & 6, 2008

Hosted by River Junction Trading Co. in McGregor, IA.  This year the Jubilee will be held across the river at The Barn Restaurant / Banquet Facility Frenchtown Cir, Prairie du Chien, WI.

Here is their link:  where you can get further information about tickets, lodging, and entertainment.

Is this a new place for dinner?  Or have they gotten the buildings finished that we had dinner in the last time I attended?

The Barn Restaurant / Banquet Facility Frenchtown Cir, Prairie du Chien, WI is where the new vendor hall is.  Last year the owners of the "Dance Hall and Exotic Animal Farm" (ya, people...I'm not making this one's a real place!) sold it.

Therefore, Jim and Linda had to find a new hall big enough for the vendors.  But don't fret!  This place is bigger and has heat.  Plus, there isn't going to be a problem parking like in years past.  Let's face it...every year some one had to be pulled out of the mud by the started to become a tradition in its' own right!

The good news is Dakota Rose (Beverly) and her Lovely Ladies of Dance (Alyson, Charleen, Peaches, Sally and the rest) will be back this year.  The group will be performing their late 19th century cancan along with a new number which they introduced last year.  The dance is from the movie, "The Dutchess and the Dirtwater Fox" - You Can't Touch Me Plumbs.

Rumors also are buzzing about them doing their bellydancing again....we'll have to see. 

So, don't forget to purchase your ticket for yourself, your spouse, and your horse!


Wish I could make it...

Though I can't really afford it... I do have Saturday and Sunday off???



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