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Author Topic: Official Remembrance of the Ukrainian war of Independence for USA  (Read 4743 times)

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Reenactors, living history folks, and others bringing back to life Europe of the period 1620-50 are welcome to what may be one of the biggest events in the USA for the time Period.

Officialy recognized by the Ukrainian Government as THE Remembrance event for the USA, this event will feature Ukrainian, Polish and various mercenary troops fighting in at least two large battles that Day. Confirmed groups and troops are comming in from both East and West Coasts, and many states inbetween.

The Battle will reenact an early skermish between the Ukrainian Kozak (Cossack) forces fighting to oust the Polish lords and their mercenary troops during the first days of the 1648 UWI.

All reenactors that can corectly bring to life a character from Europe during this year are welcome, both fighting and non fighting reenactors.

The Event is being held near Tyler Texas... For more information please contact Maks the Kozaky banita Otoman at: