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Some neat pix from European WWI reenacting


These are great... they're from the DSM -- Darstellungsgruppe S?ddeutsches Milit?r website...

The pictures above became made 2007 in Paschendale!

Here some pics from Dormans/France in 2008 (90th anniversary of the second Marne-Battle):

Gru? aus Bayern,

Yes, I was there too!

Great event, this year no invitation received, though....

I don't understand the organisers, they want to make it the biggest European WWI event but they keep throwing people and groups out. Some of our members were present at every event at Zonnebeke (some of them are even co-organisers) but are not allowed to participate this year.

For some odd reason, only one other group from Belgium was invited, although there are certainly other groups (ABBL14-40, Battleground Belgium, WRP to name a few) that are not invited. Strange, to say the least.....



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