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What these lists are, is simply subscribed "news groups." Once you subscribe, they mail you a copy of every message sent in, then when you reply, everyone get's a copy of your message. There are reenactors and people interested in learning about or getting into reenacting all over the globe. Whether you live in the US in Pennsylvania, in Europe, these mailing lists bring you directly to the news and information you're looking for. They're a good way to keep "in the loop" in regards to reenacting -- however, subscribe with care, as I'm told some of the Civil War lists get hundreds (??) of posts per day. A good way to do it, is to subscribe as a "digest", meaning you will get one message a day with all that day's messages in that one message -- easier to keep up with.

Yes, we have a lot of ww2 lists, however that is because it is our specialty, not a prejudice -- if you have/know of a good reenacting list, please let us know so that we may link it.

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I've wanted to do Forums for awhile now, but it was either too much coding, or I would have to use someone else's system (i.e. ezboard or something -- meaning we had no control over how it was run) or just whatever . I am happy to say I've found something that set up well and is expandable. There is very little there yet, but there will be soon. And, if you're signed up for one time period, you're a member inthem all. This works well if you do more than one time period.

So anyway, go here: and sign up. And yeah, ya need to post for there to be stuff there.
Hope you like it... Marsh

P.S. look for more changes at r.Net coming up to make it easier and better for you, the reenactor.

Roman Army List

This list, RomanArmy is dedicated to the Roman reenactor. It has quite a bit of good knowledge and useful posts. If you are interested in the Roman Army and especially reenacting it, this is the place for you! We now have a mini-sit eup for it w/ a FAQ, pix and some other neato stuff... click HERE to join!

Now a reenactor.Net list!

Subscribe to the Reenactor Equipment Mailing List (General Reenactor Supply/dealers, all periods of history) In the body of the message, write: subscribe reenactor-equipment (your Email address)
Subscribe to the HISTRENACT Mailing List (General Reenactment) To subscribe now email needs to be sent to and the body of the text should be "subscribe histrenact."
Subscribe to the RevListe Mailing List. This is for those who reenact the American War of Independence. Has like 1400+ members and at least 25+ posts a day!

American Civil War Mailing Lists

Seeevil Wahr Flags Click here for a link to CW lists on yahoo. Too many for me to check out ;-Þ
Subscribe to the CW-REENACTORS Mailing List. For the American Civil War reenactor. In the body of the message, write: subscribe
Civil_War_Reenacting -- Hey,do you like the Civil War? Do you want to Learn about the Civil War,more than you already know? Well at this mailing too can learn with others about The Civil War and many interesting people around your area and around the United States,You'll learn and tell about the Upcoming events of the Civil War Reenacting,and also you'll meet a lot of people who are interested in the same!!!

WWI Mailing Lists

Subscribe to the Great War Reenactor List -- This list is for Great War Reenactors on both sides. It is the original Great War list and whilst there are other specialty lists out there, it still has the most members. If you're a Great War reenactor, or want to be one or are even just a WWI buff, please feel free to join!

Subscribe to greatwar-reenactor
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The Central US Great War Living History -- meant to promote WWI-related living history activities, displays, reenactments, meetings and more in the Central US! (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Minnisota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas etc.)
Subscribe to centralusgreatwar
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The Great War Historical Society -- The WWI organization in the Western United States. Here is their e-mail list. A great group!

Subscribe to GreatWarHistoricalSociety
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Socialist Rebublik o' Klaifornia Flag WW1 Westfront -- This is a list for those who reenact WW1 on the West Coast of the United States. All sides are covered here and we hope it will allow the hobby to grow.

Subscribe to WW1 Westfront
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WW1 East Front -- Group for fostering the growth of Reenacting, collecting, and historical discussion of the First World War in Eastern Europe until the end of the Russian Civil War 1914-1923.

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Kaiserliche Reichskriegsflagge Subscribe to the WW1-G Mailing List -- This list is for Great War Imperial German Reenactors. Mit Gott, für König und Vaterland!

Both reenactors and collectors are welcomed on this list. All that is really required is an interest in the Imperial German Military.

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Great War Poilu -- This group is for anyone interested in reenacting part of the French Armed forces in WW1. You can expect to find information on uniforms and vendors as well as general histories and how to improve ones impression. The hope is that this list can provide a start for the many French Reenactors out there.

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WW1-Italiano -- A list for those who are interested in the Italian soldier of the Great War. Especially those who wish to reenact this impression! If you're intrested in this often-overlooked Army, please consider joining us!

Subscribe to WW1-Italiano
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WWII Mailing Lists

WW2-L -- the original WWII reenactor list -- no blanco allowed! Has the perspective from both sides. If you are a WWII Reenactor, you should be on this list, if only in a "digest" format.

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WW2-Airsoft -- A newer list for a newer arm of our hobby! Authentic WW2 reenacting using authentic airsoft weapons!! Give it a look! :-)

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Reichskriegsflagge BalkenkreuzSubscribe to the Wehrmacht Reenactor's Discussion Forum --This is for anyone who reenacts GERMAN. The Wehrmacht Reenactor's list -- What is it?? Simple, it is a forum to help keep reenactors who portray (oh horrors...) Soldiers of the German Wehrmacht of WWII in touch with one another. What does this mean? It means we are serious students of WWII Living history -- not a bunch of @#%$%^&*#$ racist loonies. This list is for reenactors, if you are looking for some kind of white supremist or hate group, GO ELSEWHERE! We WILL boot ANYONE who puts forth this kind of talk, agenda or ideas.

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Subscribe to the Gebirgsjäger Mailing list -- learn about the elite German Mountain Troops. This list is both for reenactors and those who simply share a common interest in the Gebirgstruppen.

Subscribe to the Gebirgsjäger e-mail list
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Afrika Logo

Join the Afrikakorps Reenactor's Mailing list. A mailing list for reenactors portraying the WWII battles in Afrika. Open to all DAK, Italian, UK/Commonwealth and even US reenactors. The purpose of this list is not only to provide open commo, but also to facilitate having more battles.

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So, you are asking, what is "MEHT", well, it is a list for reenactors who portray the Waffen-SS in WWII. NO, it is not about Nazi's, no, it is NOT for skinheads, racists or other nutcases -- it is for living historians.
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US 48 Flag US WW2 ETO Reenactors -- This list is for people who portray soldiers from any one of the US units in World War Two reenacting. This forum is to discuss upcoming events, equipment, uniforms, tactics, weapons, history and anything else pretaining to the American World War Two reenactor.
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Pacific Reenactor List -- This is a list catering to those who reenact (or wish to reenact) the Pacific Theater of Operations. This is not limited to the Allied side, but can, and should, have Japanese reenactors too.

If you are interested in the PTO, then please, by all means join the list ;-) Please, no flames or other rude beahviour -- we will boot for bad beahviour.

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IJA -- WWII Imperial Japanese Army Reenactors -- A group for those interested to seriously discuss Imperial Japanese Army militaria, tactics, and customs for the WWII era. (Please no reference to Japanese as "Japs" or "Nips." World War II ended over 55 years ago. We would like to take an educational, respectful, and objective look at this former adversary.) This is a moderated list and innappropriate posts will be deleted.
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Red Banner Subscribe to the Red Army Reenactor's Mailing List -- This is for anyone who reenacts WWII Soviet. This list is a more "polite" list than others, owing to a "purge" a while back.

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All sides logo Subscribe to the Military Commemorative Association -- The MCA is a WWII reenacting organization based in Northern California/Nevada area. Their website is at
Subscribe to the ww2 MCA e-mail list
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Korea/Vietnam Mailing Lists

Subscribe to the VietNam-Reenactors Mailing List -- This list is for anyone who reenacts the war in Vietnam. Yes Virginia, they DO reenact this war -- it might even be described as in its "infancy." Sign-on to the list and meet these dedicated people.
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