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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Google, the next Borg of the Internet?

Okay, so now Google, who owns blogger, wants me to keep it all on their system and do it their way. I dunno. I am seriously thinking of converting to word-press. Hell, it has an importer for blogger. Not that I'm a power user, I just get tired of change being forced on me by corporate bean counters. Kind alike Adobe buying things, then messing them up. Yahoo used to do that, but now they've fallen on hard times, so likely it'll fall to google to become the true Borg of the Internet.

I'll keep you informed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I need a motivation.

I do, I need a motivation! I am tired of things. I am tired of not having my life anymore. I am tired of being in debt AGAIN every time I get it out.

I am tired of the grind of work, and no, it isn't that hard and yes, I have a great run. It just gets old. I hope something new comes along in the contracts department. I'd like to go somewhere different.

A vacation would be nice--I've not had one in about 10 years. Not a real one. It'd be nice to be free for a bit, not knowing that I will have to be back on in a day or so.

Financial freedom, now that would be nice wouldn't it? Contrary to what they say, it's hard to get. Much smarter people than myself have tried and failed.

For things to work out, well, sometimes they do, often not. Why is that? I know I am not alone in asking this question.

So my head hurts. So what, others have it far worse than I do. I just need a break. I do.

And you can't really depend on most people, can you? They are usually only there if they want to be. Some are different, but most, well they're in it for their wants and needs.

I dunno, I need to stop. I just am hurting today and don't function well when I have a headache like this.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A cough it is

A dry cough and at each cough, my head feels like it shall explode. Damn it, I don't wanna be sick--hell, I even got a flu shot. Anyway, soon, I am for bed. I have to feed me doggies... I'm late w/ that. Drank a bynch of vicks 44... it was only a minor help, and now I am loopier than normal.

Watched a movie w/ the wifial unit... Bride Wars or something like that; usually I like that kind of shit, but it had a high suck factor. Oh well, off to feed the beasties and then to collapse in my chambers for the night. Damn it's cold. And ya know what, I musta picked up a ton of dog shit from the yard--means the dogs are like me, full of shit.

Outta here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Year

Am I alone in being tired of how the "civilized" governments pussyfoot around terrorist scumbags? I mean look, they are nothing but cowards--in war, you go up against men, not children and women. Okay, now we have women in combat, but still, they're trained. A terrorist, well he goes after the weak and unprotected--he doesn't have the cojones to fight real soldiers, but instead, like any bully, targets the weak.

So, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, both groups of cowards. Why don't the governments mention this more? I mean ram it home so even their families have to see it. And really, when we catch one or kill him and get a body... feed this scumbags body to pigs so he doesn't get to go to "paradise." Oh, I'm such a un-enlightened bad person, right?! Now, it has been suggested before and if you look at snopes on this subject, you'll see those liberal dickweeds have something eelse to say... have ya noticed how snopes has really taken to being a liberal wanker website!? :-(

Pirates in the Gulf
I have an answer here to. In WWI and WWII the British had a great way to deal with German surface raiders; they armed merchant ships (called "Q-Ships") with nice, big guns and crewed them w/ Royal Navy sailors. When the lightly armed German ship (doesn't take much to knock off merchies) showed up and started shooting, well the Royal Navy dropped the deck house walls and other camouflaged areas of the ship and proceeded to blow the living shit out of the raiders. Guess what happened... yes, my pap-fed, M-TV watchin' liberale friends, the German Raiders went away. We could EASILY do this in the Gulf and make "Q-Ships" of our own. Fake tankers, freighters, sailing yachts... etc. All crewed with Navy SEALS and Marines. After our Navy and Marines blow the shit out of a few of these shitheads, this kind of thing will stop. Once Habib finds that there is a damn good chance he will get greased, instead of getting a big ransom, well then perhaps this crap will stop. Come on Barry, do something!

Oh well, enough for the night. Not like anyone reads this stuff. Most are too busy watching drivel like American Idol or some other TV crap...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Wow! Today was weird... Sent out Merry Christmas greeting and got a couple of wankers on one list I am on, who were actually offended by it and said I did it just to piss people off!? Unreal. I need to just stop trying to be nice. Oh well, I responded and should have not... telling them I Un-Merry Christmased them and wishing their boats would get the "pox" (a bad case of blisters in their fiberglass) and that they would be diagnosed with ED and anal herpes... Okay, so I'm an asshole. I try to be nice and really, I sent a nice message and got nothing but shit. I hate ding-dongs.

Freezing Rain today

Yuck, this morning on the way to work, but they had the Pike cleaned up and it got warmer through the day. Rain, rain, rain. I like rain... I took the dogs around the block for first time in a week or two as it's been cold and icey. Got to wear my DDR rain cape--worked well too.
Gott sei Dank for our friends, the East Germans!

Sherlock Holmes
Went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie tonite after work... I liked it. Wendy did not. Of course... if you don't like Sherlock Holmes before, you won't like it now, not even if you're just going to look at Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law like she was...

It had some new wrinkles in it, but I thought it interesting. I think I still like the English series with Jeremy Brett better--it has a good feel for the time. However, saying that, it was way too clean--this movie is much grittier and probably closer in the that regard.

As my friend David says, if a Conservative sees a liberal bumper sticker that offends him, he will simply frown or grumble. A liberal will key your car, or cut your tires/valve stems or cave in your door or maybe bust out a window. Or all of those for that matter. Someone recently threw food on my brother's Excursion because they didn't like either his license plate(Evil SUV) or the bumper sticker (Kiss my Harry Reid). Nice huh?!
And... if you don't know what a "National Socialist" is, you should do some research and not vote until you get it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A thought... a profound and important thought.

...I was not angry since I came to France Until this instant.
Take a trumpet, herald; Ride thou unto the horsemen on yond hill;
If they will fight with us, bid them come down
Or void the field; they do offend our sight.
If they'll do neither, we will come to them
And make them skirr away as swift as stones
Enforced from the old Assyrian slings;
Besides, we'll cut the throats of those we have,
And not a man of them shall we take
That shall taste our mercy.
Go and tell them so.

Henry V, Act IV, scene vii

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ideations? Again? Now?

Bosun, we shall beat to quarters! Get the stun'sls and t'gallents off her. Prepare to cut across their quarter and rake them as we bear...

Why do I feel so shitty? I just don't know. Money? Not right now. My boat/ No, pretty much caught up and have her squared right now. Work? Nah, it's okay right now... I'm handling things okay...though: it looks like I'm is be de' manager-person again, at least for awhile. Had a good talk w/ the boss man and he asked me if I could help. I replied I could. I shall endeavour to do my best for King and company! :-) Actually, things are going well and people are working together. I DO have good people and they know their jobs--it took some time for things to fall into place when we started here, but working well now. Still, I need some beer. And a couple vicodin would be nice.