After-Action Report; Street, MD April 6-8, 2001; W2HPG Event

by Ivan Ivanovich Popov, Starshina
193rd rifle Division Red Army of Workers and Peasants
aka JP


58 Red Army Comrades defended the Motherland against 64 members of the Fascist Grossdeutchland Division.

First a hot breakfast,the 193rd cook Anton and the mess detail served Kasha w/ bacon,tea,bread. Lunch rations were issued.

At Morning formation the Soviet Commander Toomas Toomisovich Linderov took the blood oath and kissed our Red flag,the Comrades all swore with him,their shouts filled the old Starshinas heart with joy. Our Commisar gave a short talk about duty and Hatred for the Fascist Invader.....

A march down the hill side for (safety) inspection,and the Commisar Ivan Fedorovich Armstrov handed out newspapers from the RailwayWorkers in the Southern Front,with News of Stalin 's Eagles Victory over the Fascist Vultures.Many soldiers appreciated the news and fresh ciggarette paper it provided.

First Scenario ,the Red Army on defence againt expected Fascist onslaught. The Hitlerites attempted to gain the high ground,but were held in check by accurate rifle fire from defenders in a creekbed.Comrades from brother Red Army unit counterattacked the Fascists w/ support fire from DP ........

A squad of Germans managed to get within grenade range of the Reds in the creekbed, their grenades killed and wounded several Reds including the Starshina,who had thrown himself against the blast to protect his sister(andLover) Medical Orderly. One Red Army man,enraged that the Fascists had killed his Comrades,seized a grenade and assaulted a nest of Hitlerite snakes.Tho cut down w/ rifle fire,his grenade found its mark and the Fascists perished.

The scenario came to an early end due to injury,a German reenactor broke his elbow. He was sent to hospital and will be OK.

The Reds fell back to a fortified posistion in an old barracks. The first Hitlerite assault failed.Recieving orders from STAVKA,the Red commander pulled the bulk of his troops away from the barracks/hospital for couterattack.With covering fire from a mortar the Brave Defenders of the Motherland attacked the Fascist stronghold and drove them out.

Turning to another objective the Glorious Sons and Daughters of Lenin OOrrahh charged second Facist posistion. This attack was turned back,but a second carried thru and the surviving Hitlerites ran to the West.

As this happened, a gang of Fascists thugs again attacked the hospital,which was held by a mortar crew and a small force of walking wounded.The medical Sister set down her bandages and picked up a rifle to defend her wounded comrades. Tho fighting bravely she was cut down along with the rest of her comrades. The Mortar team was suprised by the Fascists during initial assault while moving the mortar. The Bipod man was killed,but the Starshina carrying the tube managed to get to cover.w/ two comrades putting rounds down the tube for him ,they managed to get several Fascists w/ mortar bombs,using the tube alone.Some Hitlerites made it to the building,too close for mortar. Dropping the tube,the Starshina and comrades used pistol,rifle butt and grenade to fight the Fascists. But ,two German grenades ended their defence...

The main body of Russians found out that the Hitlerites overan the hospital/barracks and murdered thier wounded comrades, and medical personnel . The hatred for the enemy burned their blood. REVENGE.

Squads were formed in column. The Order given for silence in the ranks.Scouts were sent out to flank the Fascists.The move made.

A small Hitlerite patrol spotted the Soviets and opened fire. Many Brave Comrades fell,but the cry went out Za Stalin Za Rodinu OOORRAHHH....

The columns went to line and charged the Fascists. Urged on by their Hatred for the Fascists,the brothers and Sisters of the RED ARMY did not falter. Gaps appeared in the Red line, but were quickly filled.One Soviet would fall,but then two would be in his place. Soon the Russians were within grenade distance. Knowing the Fascists feared cold steel,the Reds were soon fighting w/ knife,pistol and rifle butt. This attack drove the Fascists back to the river.

A quick report from the scouts confirmed Fascist posistions.Then another attack. A move in column to the edge of a wood.then OORRAhhh.

However,the attack did not carry,tho a couple of Reds made it to the German line,they were cut down. The last one only after killing several Hiterites at close range, was shot by the German commander.

This was the end of the battle.

Back to Barracks,for weapons cleaning,a drink a shower clean up for Dinner. This was GD's 25th anniversery,a really great meal of roast pork,chicken,cabbage,greens,greenbeans w/ ham,baked potatoes,sweet apples...a couple of very nice cakes for dessert.

And kegs of Beck Beer to quench our thirst.An accordian player provided music w/ GD boys singing the German songs. A small group of Reds came up w/ their music. The Accordianist played Katushia,while the Red Brothers and Sister sang along. The Germans smiled and applauded us,which was very kind as our singing was a little off key :-)

It was really a great event,and Vanya would like to thank all the Red Brothers and Sisters who came and participated.Would also like to thank Grossdeutchland,excellent hosts, worthy opponents and fine beer drinking comrades.

This report may have ommitted some details or missed something, part of it is the Confusion of the days events. This was written with what could be pieced together and my own limited observations. There were a couple of those magic moments this past weekend that made it worthwhile.

Next Street event :April 5-7 2002 Do not miss it !