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As usual, we've been monkeying around w/ things and some pages have been moved to a new place or format. Ain't progress grand? Anyway, it's not a conspiracy to make you mad we're just trying to improve the site. Click the links below and they should take you to our main time/areas...

If you have found yourself at this page, it IS
because you did get an error... WE HATE THAT ;-0

The thing is, unless you tell us, often we won't find the error (r.Net is kinda big ya know),so PLEASE, bring any errors to our attention! If you don't tell us, it ain't gonna get fixed... ;-(

Oh yeah, when I say please tell us, you sorta need to tell us WHERE and WHAT the error was and where you were trying to go to or look at -- we're not clairvoyant!

Click here to e-mail us w/ an error you've found!

Yeah, like if the site is broken or doesn't work, PLEASE e-mail and let us know. We might be out of town or on vacation. Speed is of the essence when fixing things....

Thanks!!! Der Staff

Seriously, we have done some "house-cleaning" to fix things recently and it might be a "case-sensitive" problem. So... sometimes stuff might be missing, or in the case (no pun intended) of case sensitivity... it's there, but hiding from you.

Just e-mail us (AND TELL US WHAT happened, etc.)and we'll try and fix the problem ;-Þ Unless of course, it was something that sucked and we had to remove it lest someone see us at our most suckiest...

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