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Freedom & Responsibility

A favourite destination of ours... can you guess where F&R found this oasis?

F&R stands for Freedom and Responsibility. We specialize in unique itineraries for small groups, couples and individuals that are designed to be ecologically and culturally sensitive while still being unique adventures. These are not pre-packaged tours, they are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are as original as the individuals that take them and as special as the places they visit.

Who Are We?

Our clients are travellers who are tired of being just a tourist, missing out on the real vibrancy of a place. They are people who yearn for true exploration that is full of surprises. They are those who are looking for magic, a sense of the sacred and the wonder of encountering the unfamiliar. We also specialize in aiding vegetarians, vegans and others who have very particular feelings of Responsibility in their travel needs and find it difficult to find an understanding and supportive travel agent.

For those with a profound sense of adventure check out our GPS and Adventure Novel sections. We think you'll agree that we have some of the most innovative and exciting ideas in travel today!

The world is open and we are Free to explore it. Let us do so with openness, respect and Responsibility.

Visit some really great socially conscious websites

People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals


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