Welcome to the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) Reenactor's Resource! The purpose of this website is to be a tool that will allow the IJA reenactor to locate the resources he needs to build his impression and help us create a viable IJA reenactor army!

Since reenacting the War in the Pacific is still relatively new and undeveloped, you will be getting in on the ground floor -- your interest and participation is particularly important to the future of this hobby!!

Although often depicted as cruel and despicable, the Japanese military was all about honor. However, to them, someone who surrendered had no honor and thus did not deserve any kind of decent treatment. To most Westerners, this kind of thinking is barbaric and dishonorable -- is it? Different times and different cultures... What we can say, is that the Japanese soldier fought with a tenacity second to none! Most of the common stereotypes about the Japanese soldiers werejust that, stereotypes! Do some research and learn for yourself about both sides in the war. Click here to read an article on reenacting Axis Troops.

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Thank you for your interest and welcome to our ranks!

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